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Russell Slocum :
Green seals protect new electric car


Russell Slocum :
TPV weatherseals protect electric car´s interior,
befriend the outside environment too.

Detroit, Michigan, April 26, 2007 The first wave of Kurrent NVs is hitting America´s roads, headed for quiet neighborhoods and the hearts of environmentally conscious consumers. The stylish little electric two-seater carries a hefty load of green attractions beyond the obvious zero emissions. The certified Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) - street-legal vehicle on roads up to 35 mph - plugs into any 110 outlet, recharges overnight, costs less than 2¢ per mile to operate, and qualifies for alternative fuel vehicle federal and state tax credits. It also hosts a number of other eco-friendly features that might not be as obvious to consumers, but further demonstrate the environmental commitment of the manufacturer, Michigan-based American Electric Vehicles, and the parts suppliers they´ve chosen.

The Kurrent NV´s weatherseals - the elastomeric strips that seal doors, windows, hoods, sunroofs, and other dynamic areas of the vehicle against moisture, noise and dust - are supplied by Jyco, an automotive industry leader in thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) sealing technology. Jyco´s proprietary TPV compound, JyFlex", outperform traditional EPDM seals in many areas, and offers eco-friendly advantages as well. JyFlex products and scrap are 100% recyclable. The production process itself is free of VOCs and particulate emissions characteristic of EPDM processing. JyFlex production already meets the more stringent environmental standards of Europe and Asia, where the Michigan-based company has plants in addition to their North America operations.

The Kurrent NV´s initial production of 100 vehicles per month is also well suited for Jyco´s extrusion process. While Jyco is capable of high volume production - producing weatherseals on programs across the globe, such as Dodge, Aishi, VW and Jeep - their TPV extrusion lines have also proven cost effective for low volume contracts with RV manufacturers and other specialty vehicles.

“Our idea of the perfect component supplier is good, green and local,” notes Scott Thornton, president of American Electric. “Jyco hit on all counts. We found some of the world´s leading eco-friendly TPV weathersealing technology fifty miles from our plant.”

With a federally regulated top speed of 25 mph and a range of around 40 miles, the Kurrent NV is ideal for gated communities, neighborhood errands, an easy tow for RVs, and other leisurely pursuits.

Since its founding in 2000, Jyco has established itself as a world leader in TPV design, engineering and process technology for automotive, heavy truck and RV weathersealing applications. The company has operations in the Belgium, Canada, China, Japan, and Mexico and the United States. Jyco´s global headquarters is in Dexter, Michigan. 

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