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Tom Sauer :
Topper Industrial Achieves DaimlerChryslers Top Honor.


Tom Sauer :
Topper Industrial, Inc. of Sturtevant, Wisconsin was presented the 2006 IPS Supplier Award, DaimlerChrysler´s highest honor given to suppliers on April 19, 2007 at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Jim Sorensen, director of Global Procurement, presented Ed Brown, President of Topper Industrial, Inc with the award.
“We are extremely proud to accept this award from DaimlerChrysler. I accept this award on behalf of all our employees, for without them it would not be possible. We have worked closely with Corporate Engineers, Plant Engineers and Plant Personnel to build innovative
equipment that’s safe, dependable and ergonomically friendly. We look forward to challenges ahead and are committed to make each new system the best possible.” (Ed Brown)

The IPS (International Procurement Service) Supplier Award was awarded to only three DaimlerChrysler suppliers; Topper Industrial (Material Handling Equipment) Walbridge Aldinger (Construction) and Infosys (IT Solutions). The three recipients where chosen from over 2,000 North American suppliers with annual purchases totaling well over 2 billion dollars. Topper Industrial is the only material handling product manufacturer to ever earn the IPS Supplier award.

The IPS Supplier Award is based on surveys completed on average, 3 times per month by the plant and corporate material handling engineers, and project managers. The surveys consist of 20 questions covering these criteria; quality, cost, technology, and project management. Each area is given a rating of 1-6 with 1 being the best. Overall, Topper Industrial achieved a rating of 1.4., making Topper Industrial one of DaimlerChrysler’s most valued suppliers with the best ranking in the awards history.

"The success of Topper Industrial and the products we design and manufacture for customers like DaimlerChrysler, is a direct result of offering world class products, service and commitment. We are fraction of the size of the other two companies that also earned this award, yet we stand equal in the level of quality and innovation. We have a very dedicated and talented group of people who realize the importance of this recognition" says Ryan Brown, Vice President.

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