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Debbie Fliehman :
EJOT GmbH & Co. KG and ATF Inc. Announce New Manufacturing and Distribution Plant in Mexico


Debbie Fliehman :
EJOT GmbH & Co. KG (EJOT) from Bad Laasphe, Germany and ATF Inc. (ATF) from Lincolnwood IL, USA, leading providers of engineered fasteners and cold- headed products in Europe and North America respectively, announce the opening of a new joint -venture plant in Mexico to support their Mexican customers and meet growing local demand for engineered fasteners. The new plant, named EJOT and ATF Fasteners de Mexico S. en C.S (EAFM), will be located at the Parque Industrial Millenium in San Luis Potosí, Mexico in a 3400 m2 (~37,000 sq ft) building.

As a manufacturing and distribution facility, EAFM will offer a full range of adherent services such as sales support, customer service, quality assurance and applications laboratories. New production lines will soon be set up and installation will be completed by the end of June. Certification will then take place afterwards, as manufacturing at the new plant is scheduled to begin in July 2007.

Demand for local engineered fasteners is growing since automotive customers want to reduce logistics costs by optimizing their supply chain with local suppliers. EAFM chose the city of San Luis Potosí due to its strategic location in the heart of the country along the 57 Highway, also known as NAFTA highway. San Luis Potosí will host the new GM plant which is scheduled to start operations in 2008, attracting Tier 1 and 2 automotive companies to the region. EAFM will be operated by a team of people from Mexico, Germany and the United States, who will bring experience and knowledge to the new company.

EJOT — Fastening Element Leader
EJOT is a European leader in the production of fastening elements. The company supplies fasteners to customers in different industries, such as automotive, electronics, and telecommunications as well as in the construction industry. EJOT is also a market leader in the development of innovative fastening technology, resulting in successful patents like DELTA PT® (Thread-forming fasteners for plastics), ALtracs® (Thread-forming fasteners for light alloys), FDS® (Self-piercing and extruding fastener for high strength sheet joints), SHEETtracs® (Self-tapping screw for thin sheets with pilot holes), EJOT® “boss” family and others. EJOT has more than 20 distribution and manufacturing plants located in Europe, as well as subsidiaries in North America and the Far East.

ATF — Automotive Engineered Fastener Producer
ATF produces engineered fasteners for diverse automotive applications, such as interiors, exterior, lighting, mirrors and others, as well as high-tolerance, complex shape cold-headed products and assemblies for critical and safety automotive applications such as brakes, suspension, steering, doors and under-hood. ATF is a North American licensee of DELTA PT®, ALtracs®, EJOT® “boss” family and others.

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