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Mercedes C230 Sport Sedan Tops Index For May


John Sternal :, the company that helps consumers transfer their car lease to another individual anywhere in the country, announces its monthly Index, with the Mercedes C230 Sport Sedan topping the list in May.

Leasing remains popular because it offers people a way to drive the vehicles they want for less money compared to purchase. However, millions of drivers often want or need to exit their auto lease contract before it expires for a variety of life situations. And instead of facing exorbitant dealer fees for early lease termination (sometimes as much as $10,000), the company helps consumers easily transfer out in a matter of weeks.

Following are the top-ten most popular transferred lease vehicles in America during May, according to user activity on

1. Mercedes C230 Sport Sedan – The C230 sport sedan comes with a powerful new V-6 engine, sculpted bodywork and dynamic 6-speed short-throw manual transmission.

2. BMW 325i – The quintessential sports sedan built with high performance and luxury in mind, it boasts a powerful 215 hp engine featuring Valvetronic technology.

3. Audi A4 – This exquisite vehicle illustrates Audi’s new design philosophy with an ultra fresh, yet proactive approach to modern luxury.

4. Infinity G35 Coupe – Built with a powerful V-6 engine, the Infinity G35 Coupe distinguishes itself in the entry-level luxury segment with a roomy cabin, plenty of performance and a respectable price.

5. Mercedes E-350 – The Mercedes E-350 features a sophisticated engine and transmission.

Rounding out the top ten are the following vehicles:

6. BMW Z4
8. Mercedes CLS-500
9. Land Rover Range Rover
10. Mercedes CLK350

About is an innovative provider of automobile lease transfers that easily and affordably matches car buyers with owners wanting out of their leased vehicle. Available to users nationwide, the service helps to match individuals who are currently leasing vehicles and wish to terminate their vehicle lease obligation with individuals who are seeking short-term leases with attractive payments and no money down. Privately held and founded in 1998, is headquartered in Miami. For more information visit, or call 800-770-0207.

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