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Roland Zikmanis :
Environmental Service Seat/Floor Covers


Roland Zikmanis :
Across N. America, dealership service centers, collision shops and garages use disposable seat and floor covers to protect customer vehicle interiors from grease, oil and dirt. The result of using these covers is hundreds of tons of plastic waste going to landfills and the same amounts being produced to replace them in greenhouse gas emitting factories.

In answer to this environmental challenge, Clearwater Impex Group Inc. has decided to be proactive in this field by discontinuing the sale of these disposable covers and promoting the “Eco-Seat/Floor” cover to service customers.

“We feel that this should be both a shop and consumer driven effort” says Roland Zikmanis, President of Clearwater. “There are great benefits for the shop in selling these seat/floor covers to their customers. First, they can advertise and promote that they are doing something for the environment by selling these covers. Secondly, the more of their customers who have their own seat cover, the less disposables they have to purchase. Thirdly, the ultimate goal is to reduce plastic waste going to landfills, along with less production of these disposables meaning less greenhouse gases from the factories. And finally, both the customer and service provider is empowered knowing that they are personally contributing to a worthwhile endeavor. A total “win win” situation for the service industry, the consumer and the environment”.

Use of the Eco-Cover over the course of it’s lifetime has the effect of reducing waste by up to 35 pounds along with the same amount not being reproduced in factories.

The Eco-Cover, measuring a full 30" x 80" with 5" side flaps, is constructed of a polypropylene cloth with a thin laminate coating to enhance seepage control, is stitched all around for fray prevention, has a pillowcase design for ease of installation and removal, and will work with bucket and split bench seats. The cover comes with a resealable pouch for ease of storage in the customer’s vehicle. To keep the cover clean, all that is required is a quick wipe off with a damp cloth before folding and storing.

More information about the economical Eco Seat/floor Cover either for wholesale or retail, can be viewed at www.

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