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Kimberly Elsham :
Celette Opens New Midwest Location for Collision Repair Equipment


Kimberly Elsham :
Celette North America (NA) manufactures automotive collision repair equipment. The North American branch of the France-based company recently relocated to Illinois to better serve the Chicagoland and Midwest automotive service markets and be closer to key industry players. Celette has been the standard for collision repair in Europe for decades and is a leader in unibody repair worldwide.

The new facility in Lombard, Ill., in operation since January, covers 24,000 sq. ft.—three times larger than the previous location in California. It includes a business office, rental/sales facilities for collision repair equipment, a training facility for shops, manufacturers, and insurance companies, and a research center. This location is the head of a 12-site network of Celette distributors with Fixture Rental Banks across North America.

The cornerstone of the Celette product line, the Sevenne fixture bench, is the most accurate system on the market for repairing unibody vehicles. This bench is fully expandable and uses model-specific fixtures to ensure an accurate repair. The Celette Fixture system is based on the car manufacturer’s vehicle blue print—a simplification of the production line brought to the body shop world. The Sevenne is the industry standard in heavy collision repair and is required by most automotive manufacturers to return a damaged vehicle to factory specifications.

Celette completes its extensive product line with lifting mechanisms, measuring, pulling, and welding products, hydraulic components, and anchoring accessories to insure the most accurate repairs. It also provides comprehensive training courses for collision technicians and insurance personnel to learn and test out the equipment.

The company recently announced obtaining electronic data files from a North American car manufacturer to have instant car measurements with which to develop new fixture systems, instead of needing to take measurements directly on the vehicle. “Thanks to this new relationship, fixtures can now be designed and prototyped in-house,” says Sylvain Julien, president of Celette North America. “This marks the first time that Celette is able to have a full research center in North America dedicated to North American-made vehicle. This will speed up the development of fixtures and also provide our customers and car manufacturers with better service.”

Celette is headquartered in Vienne, France. It pioneered the bench concept for body shops, and is now, more than 50 years later, the industry leader with its quality collision repair products.

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