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John Ray :
New R&R Fixtures - The Right Fixture at the Right Price


John Ray :
Modular CMM & Vision Fixturing

The R&R Modular Fixtures are designed to make fixturing parts easier & quicker with multi- threaded holes to locate & elevate parts up off the surface for full inspection of the part whether using touch probe or vision systems. R&R offers the largest variety of components to be used for fixturing any size, shape or type of material. R&R Modular Fixtures are increasing productivity in aerospace, appliance, automotive, electronic, industrial, medical & many other numerous company’s worldwide. Cast aluminum fixtures range in size from 6” x 6” up to 60” x 120” making them the largest fixturing base plates available. Base plates are built with NiTuff hard coat anodize to resist scratching & wear longer. Alpha-numeric grid pattern on base plates & labeled components make for easy documentation and increase accuracy. Fixtures are available in English(1/4-20) or Metric (M8, M4) thread to accommodate all sizes of parts.

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