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Robin McCall :
IMR Offers New Online Automotive Panel for Custom Research
Cost effective web-based panel of automotive consumers can help
individual companies make better decisions


Robin McCall :
IMR has announced the availability of a new custom research solution through its Online Automotive Panel. The web-based panel of consumers represents over 188,000 vehicles and their owners.
“Our new customized online panel provides an extra level of research to enable companies to delve deeper into specifics about their brand and products or services, regardless of whether it is primarily DIY or DIFM oriented,” said Bill Thompson, president, IMR. “This information about specific automotive components or categories of components can help aftermarket companies make better decisions regarding channels of distribution, sales trends, demographics, market potential, category sales, and share trends.”
Consumers on the IMR Online Automotive Panel have been pre-identified based on their automotive parts purchase and service and repair behavior. By pre-identifying the list, IMR is able to conduct this type of research quickly and at a lower cost by requiring fewer contacts to reach the right consumers.
For more information on IMR’s Online Automotive Panel, phone 800-366-3246 or visit
About IMR
IMR (Industrial Marketing Research) has provided valuable market research data and custom research to the automotive industry since 1975. As a pioneer in multi-client (syndicated) surveys, IMR’s research has become the industry standard due to its longevity, regularity and visibility within the industry. IMR research provides a foundation for the auto parts and service market research programs for OEMS and aftermarket companies as well as automotive industry associations.
IMR continues to develop new ideas and methods by generating valuable, accurate information that is accessible to the entire automotive industry. IMR conducts syndicated and proprietary, nationally-representative studies of vehicle buying dynamics for every major make and model of car and light truck sold in the United States.

For Further Product Information, Contact: For Further PR Information, Contact:
Bill Thompson Gary McCoy
President Public Relations Director
IMR The Marx Group
630.654.1079 847.622.7228

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