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Martha Blanchfield :
Dynamic Online Ads with Live Inventory and Dealer Branding Featured at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, October 1-3


Martha Blanchfield :
DIGITAL DEALER CONFERENCE, LAS VEGAS, NV, September 28, 2007 — AdMission Corporation, a provider of online rich media display ad solutions, will be exhibiting Spotlight Ads for auto dealers at the 3rd Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, October 1-3.

Spotlight Ads for auto dealers are rich media online ads that combine a dealer’s branding and marketing message with their live, in-stock inventory. The ads are available in a range of standard banner, skyscraper and rectangle formats and can contain multiple photos, video, descriptions and direct response tools to communicate with a dealer via phone or email. The ads are created dynamically using customizable templates with the dealer’s inventory as the rich content, so there is no cost or wait time associated with custom rich media creative from advertising agencies.

Spotlight Ads may be distributed across the Internet via the AdMission ad network, and can be target-delivered using geographic, behavioral, contextual or search inputs to serve the most relevant auto inventory to shoppers in a local area. Dealers may choose the AdMission automotive channel to reach in-market automotive shoppers. Selecting the local media channel will traffic Spotlight Ads on a range of broadcast, directory and newspaper sites to attract a wider local online audience.

Spotlight Ads has proven to outperform branding-only online ads by an average of more than 50 percent. Ads can also be combined with a dealer’s SEO/SEM campaigns to contribute up to an 80 percent lift in search conversions.
AdMission has over one million inventory listings in an autos database. Dealers may search for their inventory and view it in a real-time Spotlight Ad by visiting For a live demonstration, visit booth #30 at the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 2007.

About AdMission Corporation
AdMission Corporation is a provider of next generation online display advertising solutions, utilizing its proprietary technology to create and distribute intelligent rich media ads that are dynamically customized for target consumers in response to behavioral, contextual, and geographic inputs. The advertiser´s brand, message, and live product inventory are merged on-the-fly to create hybrid search/display ads which significantly outperform standard ads. Learn more about AdMission at

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