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Ken Rieli, CEO, PNGinc :
New turbine hydraulic hybrid drive - reinventing the automobile today


Ken Rieli, CEO, PNGinc :
RE: TIME TO DREAM (AI Magazine Vol.185, Issue 5)


In order to invent or reinvent the automobile today, we must consider all technologies at hand that result in better performance, price and pollution points.

Only three viable drivetrain types come to mind: pure electrics, hybrid electrics and hybrid hydraulics. Of these three, only one fulfills both performance and price criteria: the hybrid hydraulic system. The power and price per pound of a hydraulic hybrid system comes closest to mechanical drivetrains, while outperforming any drivetrain in any class.

On the environmental side of things we have a number of options: pure electric, fuel cell electric, piston engines and turbines. Since neither pure electrics nor fuel cell electrics are economically feasible at this time we can rule them out. Of the two remaining, the piston engine is undeniably an environmental disaster -- which leaves us with turbines.

Turbine engines not only have a good power per pound ration, but are also hundreds of times cleaner burning than piston counterparts. Turbines are also hydrogen-ready, which means they can pre-empt the misguided foray into high cost, low reliability fuel cell systems.

Recent breakthroughs in turbine engine design and development now prove that a new class of disk turbines will become the preferred engine of the 21st century.

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