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Ronald Hayes :


Ronald Hayes :
The automotive industry continues to be a leader in promotion of supplier diversity and certified minority business contributions, which in turn contributes to economic growth of small businesses and their employees.

As vehicle content in electronics systems has increased, the challenge has been how to add more minority company value to systems where the cost is primarily driven by electronic components.

With the major capital requirements for starting an electronics component manufacturing company (multi billion $), no such minority-owned businesses exist.

In 2006, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems, Farmington Hills, MI, assisted certified minority-owned AREA51-ESG, Inc. in becoming the first distributor of components qualified for automotive applications.

Area51-ESG, based in Irvine,CA, due to its excellent quality management and financial strengths has been awarded direct purchase accounts by NEC Electronics, MICRON Technology, SPANSION, ROHM Electronics, and Integrated Silicon Solutions (ISSI).

Area51-ESG has been supplying Harman/Becker with serial production supply of IC from these manufacturers, with ontime shipping to releases, supply chain management of demand vs component manufacturer leadtimes, resolution of supply and quality issues, adding real value to Harman/Becker´s infotainment manufacturing operations.

Area51-ESG´s competitive prices result in Harman/Becker´s ability to report 100% of the price paid Area51 (cost of the component + value-add cost) as minority content to Harman/Becker´s automotive OEM customers.

Area51-ESG has opened a sales office in metro Detroit to help other automotive companies increase their minority spend with automotive-qualified components manufactured by NEC, MICRON, ISSI, ROHM and SPANSION.

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