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HDX, Vertical Development Introduce “Data Express” To Help Manufacturers Populate the Industry Price File Library


Ronald Garand :
To help heavy duty parts manufacturers implement an automated process of populating the industry’s Price File Library, HDX Services, Inc. has partnered with Vertical Development, Inc. (VDI), launching a new product, HDX/VDI Data Express.

“Most manufacturers agree with the concept of the Price File Library – an industry-wide system that can automate the synchronization of product and pricing information between manufacturers and their customers,” said HDX Chairman Jay Johnston of Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists. “However, their current processes are so convoluted that they are often forced into some sort of manual file creation. The HDX/VDI Data Express product was designed to simplify this process for a very reasonable price.”

In today’s complex world of products and pricing formulas, an endless stream of timely, accurate, information is required by distributors to remain competitive. However, information flow originates from the manufacturers. With HDX/VDI Data Express, manufacturers gain an easy-to-use, central repository for product and pricing information. Data can be imported into this repository from different formats and systems, and then delivered directly to the Price File Library in the industry standard format.

“The HDX/VDI Data Express not only consolidates product data from disparate legacy and ERP systems, but it can apply pricing methodologies that are unique or rules-based,” said Jay Wright, President, Vertical Development. “It also incorporates other electronic information from marketing, product development and other departments within a manufacturer, making this product an ideal complement to the HDX Price File Library,” he added.

For more information the HDX/VDI Data Express, please contact HDX Services at 616-682-9900 or Additionally, details on the Price File Library, as well as the Product Communication File Specification (PCFS) standard, are available on the HDX Web site (

About Vertical Development, Inc.

A leading provider of content management systems, Vertical Development, Inc. offers e-Publisher and e-Catalog systems that support simultaneous publishing to print, web and CD-ROM formats from a single date source. Their new e-WebCatalog system allows companies to upload industry-standard formatted catalogs onto the Internet, quickly and cost-effectively. VDI’s mapping services enable companies without systems to supply data in multiple industry formats, including HDX’s PCFS format.

Founded in 1983, the company has offices in Downers Grove and Huntley, IL, and Fremont, CA. To find out more about the full range of systems and services available through Vertical Development, please call (847) 609-9540, e-mail, or visit the company web site at

About HDeXchange, Inc. and HDX Services, Inc.,

HDeXchange (HDX) is a non-profit organization which develops and promotes standards, products and business practices necessary to achieve the implementation of electronic commerce. For more information, visit HDX Services, Inc., a subsidiary of HDX, offers the industry a variety of electronic solutions at an affordable price. Products include file transmission and networking, document mapping and translation, data warehousing and vendor managed inventory.

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