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Megan Yin :
The 4th Dongguan International Exhibition on Electro-plating, Surface Finishing and Coatings
Venue: Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Centre
Date: May 21-23, 2008


Megan Yin :
An Excellent Platform for tapping the highly lucrative Chinese industrial market

Today, China has become the most important manufacturing base of the World as a result of the competitive advantages in term of price competitiveness and the international quality standard. The products diversity and cost effectiveness attracts the most internationally renowned brands to set up their manufacturing plants in Southern China. Meanwhile, buyers from worldwide are also drawn to China, a significant sourcing centre in the world. In response to the surging market of auto industry in China, Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association is most honour to present The 4th Dongguan International Exhibition on Electro-plating, Surface Finishing and Coatings 2008. DSF 2008 will be staged at Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Centre, the manufacturing base of China, May 21-23, 2008.
The reasons for you to attend:
The flagship Event is rightly staged in Dongguan city which located in the middle-south of China’s Guangdong Province and at the centre of Pearl River Delta as well as Guangdong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong economic belt, is the gateway for water and land transportation between Guangzhou and Hong Kong and is the important economic between the two regions.
In addition, Dongguan has grown into a manufacturing-based and an export-oriented economics, which become the most significant international manufacturing and export base. Since the reform and opening up, Dongguan had adopted the strategy of economic globalization and made tremendous efforts in absorbing well over 21 billion yuan foreign capital. Internationally renowned transnational corporations such as Nokia, Duport, Samsung, Nestle, Philips, Hitachi, Sony and Vtech etc., have tapped the market and invested in the city.
Furthermore, DSF 2008 is also highly recognized for its marketing competent which is overwhelmingly supported by Hong Kong and Asia manufacturers and trade organizations. Currently, there are well over 20 local and international associations have consented to be our supporting organizations, it is certainly expected an even larger scale in 2008.
It is worth highlighting the renowned industrial bodies such as Taiwan Plating Association renders their substantial support and organizes an exhibiting pavilion and visiting delegation in the Show again in 2008. Trade associations in US, Korea, Japan and Singapore are also finalizing cooperation details with the Organizer, rest assured that the flagship event would provide an excellent platform to establish connections with local and international buyer alike.
Rest assured that the exhibition will be one of the very best of its kind in China!

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Ms Megan Yin:
World Trade Expo Ltd.(A Member of South Dragon Group)
China Tel : (86)769 -2238 1925 Fax : (86)769-2238 7875
Website: E-mail

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