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Karolin Kroeg :
Vauxhall Corsa launches YouTube channel


Karolin Kroeg :
Core Facts:
- Vauxhall Corsa has kicked off an internet campaign to engage consumers more deeply with the brand by launching a dedicated channel on
- The channel (, is branded C’mon TV and features the C’mons, the stars of the current Vauxhall Corsa advertising campaign. It allows visitors to view the C’mons’ latest adventures as well as win prizes by uploading their own tribute videos. The best clips submitted by users every month will be uploaded to the channel.
- C’mon TV will be promoted by the distribution of a specially-commissioned viral clip which features the C’mons most controversial behaviour to date. The clip is currently available on the channel’s main page.

Shelley Perkins, from Vauxhall said, “The Corsa is a fun, lifestyle-oriented brand and we are always looking for new, innovative ways to reach out to consumers.

“C’mon TV is designed to showcase the C’mons and their adventures as well as giving visitors the opportunity to create their own films and submit them for inclusion. We are looking for budding directors and video artists to get involved and submit their work – they might even win a prize!”

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