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Karen Lewis :
7-Axis Articulated Robot


Karen Lewis :
Nachi Robotic Systems Inc. introduces the new Presto MR20 robot. The robot arm features a unique 7-axis design supporting up to a 30kg payload capacity. The unique 7th axis design allows the robot to closely emulate the motions of a human arm enabling it to perform more complicated work processes in constricted work areas.

The MR20 was designed to provide a compact arm and powerful body with a wrist torque 2 times that of comparable-sized robots. The unique 7-axis design allows the arm to avoid singularities while providing multiple posture solutions for the same work TCP.

The MR20 features a horizontal reach of 1260mm, a repeatability of +/-0.1mm built on a compact base, two 6mm through-arm pneumatic lines, 18 conductor signal cable, and through-arm support for servo gripper tooling. The arm is controlled by the Nachi AX20 series controller and has a simplified programming solution that utilizes the primary 6 axis unless selected by the programmer.

The MR20 is ideal for machine tending, material handling, and case packing. And, when coupled with the Nachi NV-AX vision system, it can solve your bin picking and product assembly applications.

Nachi Fujikoshi’s Robot Division was established in 1969 as a worldwide supplier of robots, becoming the #1 supplier of spot-welding robots in Japan (1997 & 1998). Their high-quality robots handle payloads from 4kg to 700kg are applied to spot and arc welding, material handling, machine load/unload, palletizing, sealing and many more repetitive tasks.

Nachi Robotic Systems Inc. is the North American Robot Headquarters for sales, service, engineering and program management. Nachi Robotic Systems is a full-service supplier with five branch offices throughout North America. For more information contact Karen Lewis at Nachi Robotic Systems Inc., 22285 Roethel Drive, Novi, MI 48375. Phone: 248.305.6545 FAX: 248.305.6542 Or online, visit

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