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Hollie Young :
One In Six Have Been Road Rage Victims


Hollie Young :
And nearly 300,000 have had cars damaged in road rage incidents, says

One in six drivers have been victims of road rage incidents in the past 12 months, new research from * shows.

More than 7.4 million motorists have been involved in confrontations with other drivers with younger drivers the most likely to be on the receiving end of other road users’ anger, the independent financial comparison website says.

The survey found that nearly 300,000 drivers had their cars damaged as a result of road rage confrontations – graphically illustrating the need for insurance. According to the RAC Foundation some ten per cent of drivers have been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Several motor insurers such as Sainsbury’s Bank, which pays up to £1,000 compensation if drivers are assaulted, offer cover for road rage as part of their standard policies while others such as women-only insurer Sheila’s Wheels provide counselling services.

Sean Gardner of, said: “Most of us will have lost our tempers while stuck in traffic and can sympathise with the sense of frustration felt by other drivers.

“But any sympathy goes out of the window for drivers who take out their anger on others. Shouting and swearing at other motorists is bad enough but damaging other drivers’ cars is beyond the pale.

“Our study did not thankfully find any evidence of physical assault but that is perhaps more down to luck than anything else. The fact that one in six of us has suffered from road rage is worrying. And of course many of us may be guilty of road rage ourselves.” estimates that around one in twenty fully comprehensive car insurance policies have a specific allowance for personal injury caused by road rage. However there are often exceptions and caveats, such as whether you caused the altercation and whether you are related to your assailant.

The most common form of road rage reported by motorists is tailgating – driving too close to another car – or other forms of aggressive driving. Around three-quarters of those who have suffered road rage in the past year were tailgated.

Half of the road rage incidents reported by motorists resulted in verbal confrontation while four per cent saw cars being damaged.

Around 16 per cent of motorists say they have suffered road rage in the past year – that rises to 19 per cent of 18 to 34-year-old motorists. Drivers aged 55 or over are least likely to be victims.

Drivers in the North of England are more likely to be road rage victims with 18 per cent reporting incidents while just 12 per cent of motorists in London have been victims.

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