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Ronald Garand :
Are you ready to connect like a Pro? Survey indicates 78% of countermen utilize manufacturers Web catalogs


Ronald Garand :
A recent study conducted by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association reveled that 78% of countermen and 59% of service managers surveyed use manufacturer web sites as a source of information.

In the same study 88% of the countermen and 89% of the service managers believed they would be using manufacturer web sites more in the future. They cited timeliness of updates, product images and part number lookup as the most important features.

If your web catalog was developed over two years ago, or is just a big PDF of your paper catalog, you’re potentially losing sales. Vertical Development, the aftermarket leader in catalog solutions is proud to announce, the most versatile web solution available today.

Valvoline quick lube shops started using ShowMeTheParts technology to access the latest application information at, a branded version of ShowMeTheParts. Within a month their shops were performing over 500 lookups per day. That means at least 500 times a day shops couldn’t find an application in their POS system. We’re sure that’s why a 2009 Dodge Journey is the most frequently accessed vehicle in our database. Beck/Arnley had a similar success story, and extended their implementation into a web storefront to allow clients to place items into a shopping cart for special orders, while others utilize the ShowMeTheParts XML Utility to securely deploy catalog data to their clients’ web storefronts.

With you can search by application, part number or interchange. We’ve also added a Knowledge Center that allows you to display tech bulletins and videos. Those files can be tied to a specific part number, so when the user displays part details they’ll have the option to view any additional info. Cabin air filter instructions are a great example of this. We’re even adding Service Parts to present non application specific parts and Non Automotive applications like boats, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles.

Still not convinced, then visit some of the sites currently deploying ShowMeTheParts technology;

Akebono -

Beck/Arnley -

Goodyear –


Service Champ -

Valvoline -

With all the money your company is spending on industry cataloging standards, doesn’t it make sense to use that data as effectively as possible? allows you to leverage your catalog data into more sales.

Act now and save 25%. New clients implementing ShowMeTheParts technology during June and July receive three months free with an annual prepaid commitment. Contact us today at or 847-609-9540 to find out how affordable a real web catalog can be.

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