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Ken Rieli :
New HEV power management system achieves 45 MPG in urban gridlock


Ken Rieli :
Not all gloom and doom for the U.S. auto industry

Munising, MI – This year (2008) PNGinc, in cooperation with Michigan Technological University and the MTEC Smart Zone, set a new global efficiency milestone for urban hybrids. Focusing on the urban gridlock situation as the most inefficient driving cycle, PNGinc has developed a new power management system that drastically reduces fuel consumption and resultant pollution - even when compared to other hybrid vehicle offerings.

As part of an ongoing coalition effort with both MTEC and MTU, a senior design project was
initiated in the Fall 2007 semester, and concluded in the Spring 2008 semester to verify and validate PNGinc’s technological direction. The study proves that the new power management system achieves 45 MPG in a congested or gridlock situation. Compared to the U.S. CAFE average of about 10-12 MPG in gridlock, the result is somewhat amazing. Even Toyota’s and Honda’s hybrids come nowhere close to this efficiency.

And, while highway efficiencies for the new system are inconclusive, the company’s chief of
technology is predicting real numbers in the 80-100 MPG region - without factoring in the plug-in hybrid efficiency “cheat sheet”.

With Ford, GM and Chrysler all losing market share in double digits, isn’t it about time for them to take their cues from small, fast-moving innovators like PNGinc U.S. automakers can make a come-back, but they need new high efficiency technologies that the rest of the world wants and needs to buy in large numbers. PNGinc has set the pace, and the ball is now in the court of global automakers.

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