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Manufacturing Quality - 2010 and Beyond


Mike Roberson :
StewartTMQ released an informative 2010 Manufacturing Quality white paper that discusses how US automotive manufacturers are leveraging quality as a strategic approach to gain competitive advantage. Lean manufacturing, dual sourcing, energy costs and manufacturing outsourcing are also driving increased focus on quality. The paper describes emerging quality processes that manufacturers are implementing as a part of a comprehensive quality program while maintaining focus on their core business, minimizing capital investments, and reducing the risk of production delays, rework and repair cost. The white paper is available for free download at the StewartTMQ Manufacturing Quality Knowledge Center or send an email to

n January, 2007, five American soldiers were brlltuay murdered in Karbala, Iraq, by a team of operatives who had been trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ foreign legion, the Quds Force. The mastermind of the operation was a senior member of Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based terrorist organization that is a virtual part of the Iranian regime. That man, a Lebanese named Ali Musa Daqduq, was subsequently captured in southern Iraq, as were other key members of the assassination team.Daqduq is still under American control in Iraq, the last of the killers from the 2007 remaining in prison. Not so the others. Incredibly, the other captured terrorists were subsequently released to the Iraqi Government in the summer of 2009, and speedily repatriated to Iran, part of a swap for British soldiers who had been taken hostage by Iranian-run thugs. American military officers were not happy about the release, and when I discovered what was going on, and wrote about it, I received very vigorous denials from the (Bush) Pentagon, along the lines of “what do you take us for? We would never do such a thing.”But they did, and not just with the Karbala killers. Hundreds of Iranian and Iranian-trained terrorists who were once under U.S. control were sent home via the Iraqis, despite the predictable and entirely justifiable rage of American military men and women. But they were told to do it by their political bosses, and they followed orders, as they must.Michael Ledeen wrote all of that to build up to his main focus:It seems they are now on the verge of liberating Ali Daqduq, who has a lot of American blood all over his claws, not only from the Karbala Five. He worked directly for the Iranians, training Iraqi terrorists—sometimes in Iraq, sometimes in Iran itself—to assassinate our troops. They are planning to turn him over to the Iraqi Government, which will, as it always has, arrange for his onward travel to Iran.While my ieal ways would say that we should summarily execute any and all Iranaians caught in Iraq I realize there may be political pressure not to. It seems to me that more and more that politcal leaders desire to fight nice. That concerns me.And talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place:Many of those who are upset with this situation are venting their spleen on Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, but that strikes me as unrealistic. What would you do in his position, whatever your innermost feelings about Iran? The Americans are about to leave in a few more days. Right across the border, and indeed all over your own country, the Iranians are preparing to enhance their power at your expense. If you are too obstreperous, they’ll blow you up. So of course you’re going to cater to Iranian desires, recommendations, and hints.Can Maliki possibly expect to survive a confrontation with Iran? Can he possibly expect any effective protection from Obama? No way. This is, after all, a president who staged a musical comedy in DC just a few weeks ago to accuse Tehran of plotting mass murder in our capital. And then did nothing, except to go public with a pathetic request that the Iranians return our drone.Sheesh. I think I´ll include Maliki in my prayers. That´s brutal.BTW, is Micheal Ledeen new to Pajamas Media? I do not recall reading any of his posts before.

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