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Dave Holcher :
New high output accelerometer for high speed and low frequency vibration monitoring


Dave Holcher :
Wilcoxon Research, a Meggitt group company and a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, has released a new high output accelerometer for machinery health monitoring. The model 786-500 accelerometer has a high output and broadband frequency response for multi-use applications.

The 786-500 accelerometer is suited to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of a variety of rotating equipment. Slow speed applications benefit from the strong 500 mV/g output of the 786-500 because it overcomes data collector noise that can mask indicators at low frequencies. In high speed applications, the 786-500 provides five times the sensitivity of general purpose accelerometers for better detection of low level vibrations.

The 786-500 is suitable for high speed and low frequency applications because of its superior broadband frequency response. The + 3dB frequency response of the accelerometer is from 0.2 Hz to 14 kHz. The sensitivity is 500 mV/g with a tight 5%sensitivity tolerance. The acceleration range is 10 g. The 786-500 accelerometer has an excellent broadband noise floor at 250 μg.

The 786-500 high output accelerometer has a 500 mV/g sensitivity to minimize electronic noise and maximize voltage output to the monitoring instrument. The ability to provide a stronger, cleaner signal is important to high speed monitoring applications, such as turbocompressors and precision balanced high speed machinery, in which detecting low-amplitude vibrations is critical. The excellent low frequency response makes it ideal for slow speed condition monitoring applications such as cooling tower fans, slow speed gearboxes, wind turbines, food processing equipment, slow speed agitators, paper machine rollers, and large fans.

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