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Ronald Garand : has increased visitors to a record 66,637 in July


Ronald Garand :
Increase sales with has increased visitors to a record 66,637 in July.

With over 42 manufacturers providing ACES data now has 1,041 part types available covering more than 8 Million applications.

Recent research has shown an increasing amount of your customers and their clients are turning to the Web or information. Is your company represented?

If only 10% of these inquiries turned into a sale, you could have sold another 6,664 parts. A filter at $2.50 would have increased sales $16,660.00, or a set of shocks at $19.99 each would have increased sales $266,426.72, an 84 month battery at $63.00 would have increased sales $419,832.00, while a set of struts at $34.99 each would have provided $466,346.72. How much would this have netted your company based on your average sales price?

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