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John L. Schira :
New Lighting Technology Delivers Profound Performance Breakthrough


John L. Schira :
Maxxeon Inc., Canadian manufacturer of portable work shop lighting tools has announced the release of the WorkStar 220, a high performance penlight style inspection light .

According to John Schira, Director of Business Development for Maxxeon Inc., "the WorkStar 220 is a breakthrough in lighting performance, giving the user a brilliant source of white light, up to twenty times as bright as other penlights. This lighting tool raises the bar and sets a completely new standard for lighting performance in a compact tool that clips into the user´s pocket."

The tool uses the new HPLighting Rambo™ LED to provide up to 70 lumens of light, an amount of light that was only available until recently from much larger and heavier professional use flashlights. The LED features a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours and according to the company spokesman is virtually unbreakable.

The penlight is six inches overall and weighs one ounce and is designed to clip into the user´s pocket, to be readily available whenever needed. The body is constructed from T6 annodized aluminum, and the joints are o-ring sealed to prevent penetration by fluids. The light is operated by a tailcap switch that the company rates at 100,000 cycles and is sealed to prevent contamination by dirt and grit.

The tool was designed for daily use in demanding environments such as repair shops by technicians, maintenance , quality control and field service personnel.

The WorkStar 220 inspection light has a suggested retail price of $29.99, includes batteries, and includes a one year warranty.

For information about purchasing Maxxeon products in Europe, contact Ms. Louise Spek, Safety-Lux Nederland B.V., tel [31] (0)35-6914476, fax [31] (0)35-6915474, email or visit the website at

Maxxeon Inc. is a manufacturer of portable task lighting for manufacturing and maintenance technicians. Information about the company can be found at

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