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Vertical Development Announces Increased Functionality of


Ron Garand :
Vertical Development has released its latest version of with applications for Automotive, Light thru Heavy Duty Trucks, Service Parts including air springs, hydraulic fluid, and applications for ATV, Motorcycle, Lawn and Garden equipment. provides manufacturers a way to quickly distribute their ACES, PIES, and other formatted data to the marketplace, while distributors and their customers get a FREE catalog.

“We’re very pleased with the overwhelming response from users utilizing the catalog” commented Ron Garand, Vice President of Vertical Development. “In October we had more than 140,000 visitors. These numbers are outstanding, showing the recent study by AAIA is correct; more professionals are seeking part application information on the internet than ever before”, he added. We even created a new Video to show the benefits of, it can be viewed at has also recently added another dimension – exhaust applications with full exhaust diagrams and a “Knowledge Center” with blog links, bulletins, installation instructions, and video clips. This additional information is available for users to find out more about the parts they’re interested in.

The greatest advantage of is the daily updates that assure users always have the latest information available. As of October has 63 manufacturer partners, covering 1,172 part types. Over 9.9 million applications!

Improved profitability by using is achieved in several ways, according to Vertical Development. Special orders are reduced because of timelier catalog data, allowing the use of items already in stock. Returns are reduced because many parts include images and specifications the user can view before selecting the correct part for their application. Countermen are also using manufacturer web sites to find the latest product information on their products, and participants in have the option of a custom Web application guide for their site with no setup fees.

This product is another part of Vertical Development’s suite of eProducts designed to increase efficiency in the marketplace. There is no additional software or hardware required to use, just review and accept the License Agreement, and start finding your parts. It’s that easy!

A leading provider of content management systems, Vertical Development, Inc. offers e-Publisher, e-Catalog, and e-Web systems that support simultaneous publishing to print, web and CD-ROM formats from a single data source. Vertical Development also offers mapping services to companies without systems, allowing them to deliver their data in AAIA (ACES, Legacy, and PIES), NAPA (Attribute, PartsPro), Wrenchead and other retailer formats. Vertical Development has the single largest installed client base in the aftermarket. Solutions are in place at small companies with 32 page catalogs, and large companies with more complex 3,000 page mega-catalogs. Founded in 1983, the company has offices in Downers Grove and Huntley, IL.

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