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To provide customers with a durable, comfortable and reliable HMI platform in automation application, ARBOR Tech., a leading provider of embedded and networking computing, has launched Arpex (Universal Embedded Box PC), FTPC (Fanless Touch Panel PC) and FPM (Flat Panel Monitor) series combined with patented technology—Alphanumeric LCM Display and Flat Display with Built-in Membrane Antenna.

Patented Mechanical Design with LCM Display
Arpex series is designed with a LCM screen that displays specific text message and show system status message, which makes it easy for operators to monitor and control process and equipment status and further optimizes management efficiency.

Proprietary Flat Display with Membrane Antenna
ARBOR deploys the membrane antenna, which is different from conventional coil antenna or PCB antenna, in FTPC and FPM series to create an optimal slim, light and compact design for flat display.

The Fruit of Innovation, Win-win Partnership
ARBOR keeps the focus on research and development and dedicates to provide perfect embedded service from board to system, from software to hardware, to fulfill the vision of Digital Enterprise & Digital Life and facilitate your project. For more examples of innovative applications, please visit ARBOR website: or contact with ARBOR representatives at:

Since founded in 1993, ARBOR Tech. has been specializing in embedded computing and networking solutions to help realize the vision of “Digital Enterprise & Digital Life.” We have been delivering numerous successful projects for our customers with outstanding results in terms of adopting advanced embedded design, severe test & measurement and quick response to market changes. ARBOR provides a full fleet of embedded computing platforms from board to system, which let you cover the needs of networking communication, DVR surveillance, industrial control, process control, transportation control, POS & Kiosk and Tablet PC.
ARBOR is an ISO-9001 certified embedded & networking manufacturer and commits to deliver high quality products with international standard and well-defined production process. Also, ARBOR was awarded the "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Award" by its products, which verifies its efforts and commitment to embedded computing. As a member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, ARBOR realizes your embedded computing vision with the most advanced Intel® embedded computing solutions. ARBOR has intensive operations across the world and deploys embedded computing solutions to every corner wherever you are.

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