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Chris Morris :
Mountz, Inc. introduces the Weld Stud Test Tool: A simple mechanical tool for testing the integrity of weld studs


Chris Morris :
San Jose, Calif., – Mountz introduces a Weld Stud Test Tool for testing the integrity of weld studs. Manufacturers use weld studs in the assembly of products that utilize sheet metal or other metal products for metal enclosures, appliances and automotive components. Manufacturers didn’t have a quality control tool to test and verify if the weld stud is stable and could not break off. The failure of a weld stud that isn’t properly welded can lead to failures further along the assembly process or latent failures with weld studs breaking in finished products which costs them money and time with warranties and rework,

The Weld Stud Test Tool is designed for use during the production of sheet metal products to test the strength and integrity of welds used to attach threaded studs to the sheet metal. A simple mechanical test with the Weld Stud Test Tool provides manufacturers with easy test results. It’s low cost tool that provides a successful solution to eliminate weld studs breaking in the field or along the assembly process.

A simple way to test the shear torque of weld studs is apply a straight pull of the Weld Stud Test Tool (no side load). When the wrench breaks-over and the weld stud is still attached then it passed. If the weld stud breaks off - then it failed.

A company that manufacturers popcorn machines, conveyor ovens, and toasters in Missouri wanted the capability to test welds on equipment before completion of the assembly process. The problem they were experiencing with weld studs were breaking out in the field costing the company time and money, which ultimately affected their bottom line. It improved the company´s quality and saved over $5000 a day by adding a lot based QC inspection to finished weld studs.

Featuring “T” shaped handle for easy operation and bi-directional operation, the flexible Weld Stud Test Tool is operable with different size weld studs as Mountz offers different size end fittings to operate with the tool.

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