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NovaCast Technologies AB :
NovaCast Technologies broadens offer to global foundry industry, fusions subsidiaries and appoints new CEO for NovaCast Foundry Solutions.


NovaCast Technologies AB :
NovaCast Technologies AB has begun long-term efforts to broaden the group’s complete offer range to the global foundry industry consisting of software, services and solution-oriented total concepts. As a lead in these efforts, a decision has been made to fusion two of the group’s subsidiaries, NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB (NFS) in Ronneby and Graphyte AB in Gothenburg. The fusioned company will be called NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB and Peter Vomacka, (PhD material technology) has been appointed new CEO. Dr. Peter Vomacka succeeds founder Rudolf Sillén, who retired at the end of the year but is affiliated with the NovaCast group as Senior Consultant.

The global foundry industry is the main target group for both NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB and Graphyte AB but the two subsidiaries have been active in different business areas, Graphyte AB in the Automotive area and NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB in the Foundry Technology area. The latter company markets advanced software for simulations and process control to the foundry industry. At the end of 2008 NovaCast Foundry Solutions had 419 foundry customers in over 40 countries. Graphyte markets system solutions for effective serial production of castings in compacted graphite iron (CGI) related to the automotive industry.

Group CEO Hans Svensson believes that the fusion will create more favorable conditions for more efficient global market processing. A new, customer-oriented strategy also requires better coordinated business activities.

”There is an obvious trend among foundries to optimize their production processes and make them more efficient by utilizing the possibilities offered in modern software solutions. At the same time it is a traditional industry in which the step towards new technologies can be conceived as both big and complicated. By offering customers a closer, solution-oriented cooperation we wish to help a larger number of foundries to more readily take the step towards our group solutions,” says Hans Svensson.

Ten times faster simulation software
Two important software events during the fall of last year have led Hans Svensson to see further reasons for coordinating the group’s software-oriented business activitites into one subsidiary.

”New market opportunities have opened in the area of compacted graphite iron through Graphyte 350, a CGI material with just as good as or even better machining properties than grey iron, and also the launching of the new version of the NovaFlow&Solid CV simulation package was very well received by the market. The package is ten times faster than the previous version”, says Hans Svensson.

As new CEO for NovaCast Foundry Solutions Dr. Peter Vomacka, former sales manager at Graphyte AB, sees good conditions to both reach new customers in the global foundry industry and deepen the cooperations with existing customers.

”The unexplored market potential is still very large. With a more collected marketing organization, a broader product portfolio, a few important novelties and more solution-oriented sales we should be able to reach considerably more foundries. During February we received three orders for NovaFlow&Solid CV from foundries in USA, Europe and Israel and there is considerable interest in our other system solutions. One of them is our ATAS optimizing system, which has gradually been developed with new modules that allow for a higher degree of customer adaptations. During 2008 we also developed a simpler version of ATAS to facilitate the step for foundries to take towards more advanced process control”, concludes Dr. Vomacka.

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NovaCast Technologies, listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange (NCAS B), develops and markets enhanced castings for the production of car body parts, as well as software for methoding, simulating and process control for more efficient production processes to the global automotive industry and its subcontractors. With the Camito technology enhanced castings are manufactured in one solid piece for the production of dies for forming stamping automotive body components in a considerably shorter time than traditional dies. Through die manufacturer SwePart the group has expertise within the whole value chain for the production and sales of stamping dies.

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