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Cheryl Peck :
GM Powertrain Executive to Keynote at CPDA’s PLM Road Map™ 2009 - Presentation will Provide Details on a Strategy that is Transforming the Process of Engineering


Cheryl Peck :
Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA), a provider of critical analyses for PLM decisions, announces
that John L. Givens Jr., Director of Engineering Math & Release Processes, GM Powertrain will join Glenn Mercer, Automotive Consultant and Senior Director at IMVP, and Dr. Walden Rhines, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mentor Graphics, as a keynote speaker at its annual PLM Road Map™ conference, to be held at The Inn at St. John´s, outside of Detroit, Michigan on September 22 and 23.

In his presentation, Transformation of an Engineering Process – Road to Lab to Math (RLM) at GM Powertrain, John Givens will share details about the strategy at GM Powertrain that is transforming the Process of Engineering from a dependence on physical evaluations to a reliance on engineering design and analysis, based of physical principles backed by physical confirmation. He will show how adopting the RLM strategy leads to higher quality design, reduces structural cost, cuts the reliance on physical test, and improves product development time.

Now in its 16th year, PLM Road Map™ 2009 is a strategic conference focused on the critical tradeoffs that shape product development. PLM Road Map™ 2009 will enable attendees to explore first hand the progress, opportunities, and roadblocks leading-edge end-users are confronting.

More information and updates on PLM Road Map™ 2009 may be found at

About John Givens

John L. Givens, Jr., is the Director of Engineering Math & Release Processes (EM&RP) at GM Powertrain. The EM&RP organization has the responsibility to improve and integrate GM Powertrain’s Computer-Aided environment. “Math” has been synonymous with CAD or 3D Models, and PDM (product data management). At GM, math extends to Dimensional Engineering, a Virtual Design Review Processes, CAE, KBE, DFSS or Robust Engineering Processes, CAT, Math-Based Calibration and Controls, and Release Processes. All these activities in combination support GM Powertrain’s Road to Lab to Math strategy.

Historically, the disciplines involved in the Computer-Aided environment have evolved independently. The EM&RP organization drives to integrate these disciplines to improve Powertrain Engineering processes with the delivery of higher quality first time capable designs, the reduction in the usage of development hardware, and much lower reliance on physical testing. The results of these initiatives slash costs, improve quality, and accelerate design time to market.

Prior to his current position John was Director of the Synthesis & Analysis department, a CAE-focused organization within GM Powertrain Engineering targeting product quality. John’s efforts in developing and implementing CAE standard work contributed to major cost reductions globally, and led to the acceptance of proactive CAE usage at GM Powertrain. John was also the first GM Powertrain Director of Electronic Controls Software Engineering. John led this group to take advantage of reduced-cost electronic controllers via usage of common software across multiple controller suppliers.

About CPDA

Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA) is a provider of critical analyses for PLM decisions. CPDA offers the latest in-depth, objective information for assessing technology and business goals. Coordinated by a group of experienced analysts, its cohesive suite of collaborative research programs leverages the efforts of top software designers and leading-edge users. CPDA´s differentiation is its specific, deep, and pragmatic approach to the market, and a hands-on understanding of the technology required to drive successful implementations. CPDA’s collaborative research programs include Design Creation and Validation, Design/Simulation Council, PLM-Integration/Product Definition, and Product Value Management.

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