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Ronald Garand :
Changing Industry Demands


Ronald Garand :
With OEM Dealer Closings and the constantly changing automotive industry, providing customers and end users the proper parts information for their vehicles is more important than ever. is working with its manufacturer partners to make sure jobbers, retailers, installers, and technicians can get their latest information FAST, with No Subscription Cost to the users!

ShowMeTheParts, ShowMeTheFilters and our branded partners are focused on providing our clients opportunities to make sure they can improve customer experiences, while increasing sales. “We’re really helping manufacturers deliver data in record speed to their clients and ultimately the guy that throws the box away." said Ron Garand Vice President of Vertical Development and

"Tied into this is enhancing the point of purchase and product selection by providing images, specifications and technical information needed to make the sale." he added. As dealerships continue to close, and the independent repair or DIY segments pick up the slack, manufacturers need to be ready, putting their best foot forward.

“We believe ShowMeTheParts customers can capitalize on these recent changes,” he adds, saying “Our customers that are implementing branded versions of are seeing the added exposure, and are well positioned because of their aggressive delivery of data to both customers and installers who are benefiting from the consolidation of the car dealer network.”

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