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Lori Lockman :
VASCOR Launches Like-New Service


Lori Lockman :
VASCOR Launches “Like-New” Service

GEORGETOWN, KY – VASCOR Ltd., a supply chain management company that serves the automotive industry in North America, has rolled out a remarketed vehicle marshalling service to complement its new finished vehicle services. It is the first service offering geared to pre-owned vehicles in the company’s 22-year history.
“We’re extremely excited to be tackling this ‘like-new’ logistical challenge,” said VASCOR President Jim Dunn, whose ISO-certified company serves nine automotive manufacturers and sales entities. “We are confident that we’re meeting a longtime need for more high-quality, standardized supply chain management in the remarketed industry.”
VASCOR’s vehicle marshalling services include fenced, lit and paved marshalling facilities with 24/7 security; dedicated loading and unloading areas; drive-away transportation; and the ability to partner with physical auction sites and repo yards. All are backed by a state-of-the-art yard management tools and systems-based efficiencies such as online condition reporting; VIN tracking, and access to upstream remarketing sources. VASCOR can develop custom storage locations or provide temporary overflow storage upon request.
“Many of these services mirror what we have been doing for years in the new vehicle sector to support automotive OEMs, and they leverage much of the same infrastructure,” said Dunn. “So even though we’re new to marshalling remarketed vehicles, we’re a recognized vendor for this service to the automotive OEM’s. We’re looking forward to bringing VASCOR high standards, quality driven employees and state of the art technology to the remarketed vehicle sector.”
Founded in 1987, VASCOR is a joint venture between APL Logistics and FUJITRANS that offers a wide range of third-party logistics services to key automotive companies in the Americas. It operates in more than 60 cities, logs more than 50 million miles per year and inspects nearly 10 million new vehicles annually. The company has achieved ISO9001 certification, and it is the recipient of numerous awards from clients such as Hino and Toyota.

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