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Infor Expands Payment Options for Customers


James Mumford :
Infor announced a new program that enables its qualifying customers to finance the costs of licensing, supporting and implementing its business software. For a limited time, Infor is offering interest free monthly payments for qualifying customers who take advantage of this program.

The establishment of Infor Financing provides a wide range of benefits to Infor’s customers, enabling them to lower the total cost of ownership of their technology investment and move forward immediately with critical business initiatives while spreading payments over a number of years, preserving working capital and critical cash resources. Infor’s customers can put technology to work immediately in order to establish a stronger competitive edge, rather than delaying until the next budget cycle.

Infor Financing is designed for companies of all sizes and provides the flexibility to make financing accessible to most businesses, even in this challenging economic environment.

“Infor was instrumental in securing the financing necessary to implement ERP LN across the services divisions of our organization," said Tim Yamauchi, CFO for Pride Industries, a nonprofit organization providing a variety of business solutions to meet the manufacturing and service needs of companies nationwide. "Infor presented a complete solution that met our requirements and enabled us to move forward with a critical initiative while preserving working capital.”

“Limited access to available capital is one of the largest barriers to innovation and a competitive disadvantage for companies of all sizes,” said Greg Corgan, president, global field operations, Infor. “By enabling our customers to fund their technology investments over time through simple and flexible financing solutions we continue to make it easier for our customers to benefit from business software and more quickly realize a competitive edge.”

Infor Financing is available now in North America. Infor plans to expand the program worldwide over the next year. Infor’s channel partners can also offer financing to their customers through Infor Financing.

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Infor acquires and develops functionally rich software backed by thousands of domain experts and then makes it better through continuous innovation, faster implementations, global enablement, and flexible buying options. In a few short years, Infor has become one of the largest providers of business software in the world. For additional information, visit

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