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NovaCast Technologies AB :
Largest Camito order to date for NovaCast Technologies’ subsidiaries Camito and SwePart Verktyg


NovaCast Technologies AB :
NovaCast group subsidiaries Camito AB and SwePart Verktyg AB have together received an order valued at 28 – 30 Msek from Magna Heavy Stamping in Austria regarding a number of die sets for the production of car body parts. The dies will be used in the company’s production of details for two new car models from one of the world’s leading automotive groups. Of a total of 35 dies in the order more than ten will be produced using the patented Camito technology. This is the largest order so far for Camito produced dies.

Magna Heavy Stamping in Austria is one of Magna International’s over 80 production sites in Europe. Magna International, part of Cosma International Group of Magna with headquarters in Canada, employs over 27 000 of the group’s total 70 000 employees. The group is considered one the world’s leading suppliers to the global automotive industry and it has grown considerably over a ten-year period. Their turnover in 1997 was 5 billion USD and in 2008 it was close to 24 billion USD. The group has a total 240 manufacturing operations in 25 countries.

“That such an important party and supplier to the largest automotive manufacturers in the world has not only shown interest in but also chosen to invest in the Camito method as well as so large a series of dies is extremely satisfying. The fact that it is the first order in stage three of our commercialization plan for Camito technology is also very important. I also see this order as a confirmation that our new marketing strategy with a close cooperation between Camito as our marketing and sales company, and SwePart Verktyg is indeed effective”, says NovaCast Technologies’ group CEO Hans Svensson.

The group’s commercialization plan consists of five stages where the final aim is to establish Camito technology as the standard in die production. Stage three involves orders for a larger group of Camito produced dies.

Rolf Mastenstrand, CEO at Camito AB points out one factor that was decisive in obtaining this large order, which was negotiated by Camito’s sales office in Bad Waldsee, Ravensburg, Germany.

“The foremost decisive success factor for obtaining this order was our Camito technology. Magna is one of the world’s largest Tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry and the group is always in the forefront with new technologies. I am confident that their evaluating and choosing so extensive a Camito solution will be of great importance to us in our contacts with other parties. The advantages of shorter lead times as well as cost reductions that Camito technology ensures are creating increasing interest on the market”.

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NovaCast Technologies, listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange (NCAS B), develops and markets enhanced castings for the production of car body parts, as well as software for methoding, simulating and process control for more efficient production processes to the global automotive industry and its subcontractors. With the Camito technology enhanced castings are manufactured in one solid piece for the production of dies for forming stamping automotive body components in a considerably shorter time than traditional dies. Through die manufacturer SwePart the group has expertise within the whole value chain for the production and sales of stamping dies.

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