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D2T Presents Engine Testing Techonologies at SAE ComVec this October (Z120)


Chicago, September 9, 2009 (word count: 445)
The D2T company provides a wide array of services for companies looking to research or test engine systems. Its worldwide network includes a vehicle-calibration center, research partnerships and a single-cylinder engine protype. D2T will be exhibiting at the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition in Rosemont, Ill., on Oct. 6 and 7, 2009, as part of the Truck Tech France Pavilion, booth 607.

Vehicle-calibration center in Normandy
Located in D2T's CESAME facility (located near Normandy, France), the center's state-of-the-art test beds expands the company's calibration capabilites to include the entire drive system. Test beds include: diesel and gasoline 4-wheel chassis dynos for Euro 5 and 6 standards, engine test beds configured for hybrid applications, electric and electronic validation test beds for engine and vehicle computers, and integration of real-time simulation systems.

D2T solution for hybrid powertrain validation
One of the challenges facing today’s engine engineer is how to assess different hybrid powertrain architectures in the early stages of development. The HYHIL project (HYbrid – Hardware-In-the-Loop) was launched by D2T in June 2008 (together with RENAULT, IFP, G2LAB and LMS). The goal of this project is to define the laws for analyzing future hybrid vehicles, an element central to the development of this type of engine. The project is supported by the French government and the MOV’EO French automotive cluster.

This approach consists of using a high-dynamic engine test bed to validate the complete hybrid propulsion system. The combustion engine remains in the test bench, while the electric motor and battery assembly are simulated by executing real-time models on the test bed PC. This solution makes it easy to assess the different hybrid architectures while keeping the most critical item of the hybrid powertrain in the test bench, the combustion engine.

Modular single-cylinder engine for research and development
When developing a new multi-cylinder engine, customers may want to validate certain aspects of their design prior to launching complete prototypes. The D2T mono-cylinder engine is the solution. Using a single engine base to cover a wide range of bore, stroke, and cylinder head types (single, multiple, or optical), and through the use of parameter setting tools, the costs associated with changing the geometrical configuration of the engine are kept low.

The design of the D2T engine is very durable and reliable, even in extreme conditions such as balancing of the first two orders and bearing-mounted shaft line or crankshaft. It can operate using all fuels (gasoline, diesel, LPG, and alternate fuels). D2T also offers a full range of services including stocking of spare parts, part adaptation, complete test bed engineering, and a full range of engine engineering services (design, adaptation, test, etc.).

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