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Shannon Furey :
A Point-of-Purchase Display Company With Auto and After-Market Experience!


Shannon Furey :
Metaline has been a leader in the point-of-purchase display industry for more than 80 years. Recently, the company has expanded their business to include packaging, merchandising and marketing. Included in their portfolio is experience in the automotive and after-market industries, helping clients create brand awareness and sell their products.
Rain-X, Black Magic Car Care and Mustang are just a few of the high profile clients Metaline has worked with. For each one they created a unique display that was tailored to the specific needs of the product. For Rain-X, this meant display hooks that allowed the product to conveniently hang while still clearly making the brand name recognizable to potential buyers. Black Magic required a display with multiple shelves to contain their many products. It was created with sleek black plastic to create a cohesive look to match the product's packaging and overall image. For Mustang, Metaline created a display to house their informational and promotional materials featuring large, glossy pictures of their cars to grab buyers' attention.
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