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Dealix’s Anna Zornosa Is Awarded 2009 Market Leadership Award from TARGUSinfo


Rufus Manning :
TARGUSinfo, the leading provider of On-Demand InsightSM about prospects and customers, announced that Anna Zornosa, executive vice president of The Cobalt Group and general manager of its Dealix division, the leading supplier of sales leads to dealers from independent auto sites, has been awarded the 2009 Market Leadership Award. Zornosa received the award during a ceremony at the fourth annual Online Lead Quality Summit (OLQS), the premiere event for senior executives in the interactive marketing industry.

“An organization’s commitment to innovation and quality starts at the top and permeates throughout an organization,” said David Wengel, general manager of interactive markets, TARGUSinfo. “We are extremely pleased to, not only recognize but, award Anna for her role in leading Dealix to the forefront of automotive lead quality and innovation.”

“The Dealix team is committed to providing our customers with access to active car shoppers who are using the Internet to determine what car to buy and where,” said Zornosa. “During 2009, Dealix built new supply relationships and brought on technology innovations that improved our ability to reach this goal.”

The most recent innovation from Dealix came in September 2009 when the company announced the Dealix Quality Pledge backed by a feature set called Hassle Free Lead Return. The essence of the Dealix Quality Pledge is that the company promises its customers that every lead it charges for will represent an in-market consumer and a real sales opportunity.

In the event a lead fails to meet one of a defined set of criteria that characterizes a quality lead, the customer can return the lead, hassle free. The charge is then removed from the customer’s bill, and the lead is replaced with a new one. The program helps Dealix customers to maximize their sales opportunities throughout the month instead of waiting until month’s end to process credits. In addition, the program helps Dealix to quickly correct any lead quality issues that arise.

Zornosa, a seasoned CEO and general manager, took the helm at Dealix in November, 2007. She most recently served as vice president and general manager for Yahoo! Personals. Her experience driving consumer-oriented Internet operations spans entrepreneurial as well as established business environments. Prior to Yahoo!, Zornosa served as chief marketing officer of Knight Ridder Digital, a post she assumed after serving as CEO of Topica, a privately held company that was one of the nation’s largest email service providers. Zornosa has also served as an advisor and board member of several companies, including start-ups and, and is a member of the Online Trust Advisory Counsel for TrustE.

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