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Top French Auto Companies Visiting California to Foster R&D in Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (Z175)


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Chicago, November 30, 2009 (word count: 394)
From December 7 to 11, 2009, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, French automotive R&D companies and organizations will be presenting their expertise and innovation in hybrid and electric vehicles and batteries.

UBIFRANCE, the DGCIS (French Authority on Competitiveness, Industry and Services) and French automotive industry clusters are organizing a trade and partnership mission in the United States to foster exchanges about technology development and to initiate R&D cooperation.

Five competitiveness clusters from the French automotive sector, VEHICULE DU FUTUR, ID4CAR, LYON URBAN TRUCK & BUS (LUTB), MOBILITY & ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION (MTA) and MOV’EO have combined their efforts to promote France\'s strengths in R&D and technology with hybrid and electric vehicles and batteries. These clusters and their member-companies together represent 90% of French automotive industry and are bringing representatives from 17 of those companies to attend the mission.

The United States is a leading automotive industry player, and particularly cutting-edge in the realm of hybrid and electric vehicles and batteries. California was specifically selected as it\'s been on the forefront of alternative energy development and energy conservation for years. French companies also enjoy recognized expertise in the sector, leading to the potential for complementary synergies. The objective of this mission is therefore to initiate dialogue about R&D projects through meetings between major American and French players on this issue and to develop relationships that could lead to fruitful technological partnerships for both countries.

Accompanied by 17 French auto companies, the five automotive clusters will be in San Francisco on December 7 to 9, and in Los Angeles on December 10 and 11 in order to meet with the key players in American automotive research. In addition to attending the LA Auto Show, meetings and tours are planned with a number of leading companies and institutions involved in the field of hybrid/electric vehicle and battery technologies.

Participating companies:

Chastagner Group
Eve System
Everest Team
Leroy Somer
Phenix International
Polytech Nantes
PSA Peugeot Citroën
Watt Consulting
Win Co Participating automotive clusters:

MOV’EO cluster

“Mobilité et Transports Avancés” cluster (MTA)
Mobility and Advanced Transportation Means

ID4CAR cluster

“Véhicule du Futur” cluster
Vehicle of the future

“Lyon Urban Trucks & Bus” cluster (LUTB)

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