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Erin Terjesen :
PremierGarage Launches Premier idesign(TM) -Innovative, Interactive, Hands-On


Erin Terjesen :
PremierGarage® Launches Premier idesign™ Technology Transforming the customer’s experience through an innovative, hands-on design, and estimating platform

PremierGarage, a leader in providing product and technology innovations tailored to creating the auto enthusiast’s dream garage, continues its role as the industry leader with the launch of the newest design technology: Premier idesign.

After listening to the needs of both their worldwide franchisee designers and customers, PremierGarage has exceeded expectations with the launch of Premier idesign, an all-in-one platform that creates the ultimate design and purchase experience for their customers. Never before has the process of creating your customer’s dream space been so visually rewarding, technically detailed, undeniably fun and completely interactive as each customer plays a direct role in designing the ideal room.

Premier idesign not only benefits design and remodeling professionals worldwide by providing an elevated level of service, but most importantly, it greatly benefits consumers looking to create a room or garage experience they can truly call their own. Every product within PremierGarage’s award-winning, dynamic collection has been uploaded and is now available in the Google 3D Warehouse, giving PremierGarage designers and customers the unique ability to work together – interacting online to create the shape of a given room or project, choose materials and design elements, and construct final 3D illustrations. Similarly, customers can see changes to colors, product choices or dimensions as their space transformations come alive, and simultaneously Premier idesign is updating cost estimates and part lists. With PremierGarage’s extensive line of configurable cabinetry loaded into the Google 3D Warehouse, the options to personalize your customer’s projects have never been easier to demonstrate.

Premier idesign offers improved performance in three integral business areas:

√ Improved customer buying experience is accomplished in real-time through actively engaging customers in the design process, presenting 3D representations of all state-of-the-art PremierGarage products using Google SketchUp, having the ability to create multiple design scenarios, making changes interactively with the client, and dynamically updating and displaying pricing information simultaneously.

√ Improved operational performance for franchisee designers, remodelers and architects through the automated generation of quotes directly from the virtual drawing (faster time for presenting proposals with fewer errors), and an increased level of customization of cabinetry, flooring and organizational design.

√ Any model, such as appliance, car, or architectural component available in the Google 3D Warehouse, can be downloaded into the design to create a realistic representation of the complete space.

“Today more than ever, we have to get personal with our customers,” says chief executive officer of PremierGarage, Don Shultz. “Customers know what they want, and our job is to design and deliver personalized solutions for their garage and living spaces. Premier idesign, along with our adaptive modular product platforms, invites consumers to collaborate with designers to create a truly unique look and functionality of their space without the price tag of a custom solution.”

Premier idesign debuted at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, Arizona January 18-24, 2010 showcasing live demonstrations throughout the show to car and design enthusiasts from around the world.

For more information on PremierGarage’s extensive line of award-winning products, installation services, and design expertise, please call (480) 483-3030 or visit

As the largest garage enhancement company in North America, a member of the prestigious ASID (American Society of Interior Designer), and the number one leader in garage design and remodeling, PremierGarage specializes in creating custom designs that incorporate fine cabinetry, organizers, and innovative garage floor coating systems for solutions that are livable, durable and eye-catching. PremierGarage has recently moved their extensive product offerings indoors, now offering high-quality remodeling options and a new estimating tool called Premier idesign. To locate the nearest PremierGarage Designer, visit

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