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Luca Borgarello :
Shell is working in collaboration with Ferrari to ensure the smooth running of its new machining area. The Shell products have been designed in partnership with Ferrari so that can machine a wide range of aluminium alloys.


Luca Borgarello :
Every year, Shell provides Ferrari with more than 250,000 litres of fuel and over 300,000 litres of lubricants. This includes a range of high performance metalworking fluids that offer superior protection and efficiency during machining and finishing, and the performance of the finished component.

Luca Borgarello, Global Technical Services Manager for Shell Lubricants, explains more about how Shell’s leading lubricant technology is helping keep Ferrari’s manufacturing area running smoothly.

Leading technology

Some 50 scientists and engineers are involved in Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari. This close working partnership combined with leading technology means Shell are able to offer Ferrari products that meet its operational requirements. This has resulted in Shell’s preferred supplier status with Ferrari and led to one of the longest-running partnerships in automotive production.

Ferrari currently use three Shell fluids in its new machining area, which finishes various engine parts. Fluid selection is determined by a deep understanding of Ferrari’s operating environment and any challenges they may face. This includes parameters such as the machined material, type and severity of the machining operation, surface finish requirements, machine pressures (in relation to foaming), water quality and health and safety requirements.

All of the Shell fluids are water miscible cutting fluids and include Shell Adrana D 208 and Shell Sitala CE 3602, which are both semi-synthetic, mineral based fluids. The third fluid is a mineral-free, fully ester based fluid, Shell Sitala AF 800 and has been specifically developed to machine a wide range of aluminium alloys. Each alloy has specific properties, which, in some instances, can mean that fluids need to be changed to avoid part deformation. This can be easily caused by the relatively soft nature of aluminium and high operating temperatures.
To overcome such challenges, Shell uses a unique development process to identify operational requirements known as “4D” and develop high performance lubricants that offer optimum performance during machining. 4D is based on defining the challenge, designing the solution, developing the technology and demonstrating the value. This approach is designed to ensure that fluids are developed to machine a range of metals – hard and soft – and to perform in extreme temperatures.

Shell Sitala AF 800 is an amine and boron free fluid and was introduced as an improvement on previous mineral-based products. It consistently delivers higher tool performance through longer tool life and better piece surface finish.

Shell Adrana D 208, with high cleanliness properties, is used for shaft-grinding and Shell Sitala CE 3602 is employed in severe steel cutting/drilling/threading operations. All products are designed to deliver maximum machinery performance.

Supporting fluid performance

In addition to providing metalworking fluids, Shell provides Ferrari with on-site expertise to help maximise fluid performance and operational efficiency. Sinol, a Torino-based subsidiary of Shell Lubricants that specialises in metalworking fluids, provides a Product Plus Service arrangement. This covers fluid stock management and application management including filling and topping-up of equipment as well as analysing, cleaning and if required, treating of lubricants and equipment.

Daily checks of major chemical parameters are made according to procedures and methodologies provided by the Shell Lubricants laboratory and technical manager. Concentration, pH, alkalinity, microbiological contamination and bacteria levels are checked to ensure fluids continue to deliver superior protection during machining and finishing.

Ferrari continually strives to improve performance processes to maintain and strengthen its industry leading position. As a preferred supplier, Shell Lubricants draws on its global network of scientists and industry-wide experience to constantly innovate and provide Ferrari with high performance lubricant technology that maximises efficiency, while enhancing finishing.

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