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Joe Rau :
Test Lights or injection power probes proven to cause inadvertent ELECTRONIC DAMAGE


Joe Rau :
Caution! Current emitting or injection power probe test lights have long been the industry standard for trouble shooting electrical malfunctions. The industry standard must change. Most test lights are not only inefficient and inaccurate, but they can actually DAMAGE electronic components during troubleshooting an electrical repair.

To view a demonstration of the dangers of biased testers visit

These testers can inadvertently reduce the lifespan or even burnout working electronic components.

This is referred to as “over current injection.” To avoid potential damage to various system components, you need to be certain that the test probe you are using does not inject a biased current into the system your testing. Why would you use a test probe that could very well be adding to the problems you are trying to solve? To find out if you have a potentially hazardous test probe, email your Make and Model to

If you are using tester that emits high currents and find yourself spending hours troubleshooting you need to take a closer look.

There is a solution that has eliminated the inadvertent risk of damage to electrical components and parts caused by high current emitting or injection power probe test lights. Through years of extensive research and testing, Mr. Joseph Rau has developed and patented a universal unit GUARENTEED not to cause damage to electrical or electronic components. This revolutionary un-biased non polarized probe is amazingly simple to operate. Polatron-1 is 100% accurate and completely SAFE and simple to use. To view a demonstration of the superiority of this new Diagnostic Instrument visit

A Grounded 12v power supply graph A Battery 12v power supply graph

How it works:
Unlike non-grounded biased Two-Lead testers, Polatron-1 is a THREE-LEAD high impedance test probe. The result is its ability to create a true zero ground/polarity reference point that was never there before with the battery. You cannot correctly, safely and efficiently diagnose electrical system malfunctions without a TRUE GROUND reference point. Other test probes do not and cannot create this reference point and merely use negative polarity as a pretend fake ground. Polatron-1’s readable accuracy unit (R.A.U) ground floats at zero volts and zero polarity rather than full battery voltage making the Polatron-1 safer and faster, spanning a wider voltage operating range than any other diagnostic instrument in the world. The Polatron-1 is the ONLY UNIT with a TRUE GROUND. Polatron-1 is in a league all by itself.

For more information or to obtain the revolutionary Polatron-1 call 1-714-240-7042 or visit


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