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Susan Lofgren :
Non-destructive Measurement of Protective Coatings in Car Body Cavities


Susan Lofgren :
Modern corrosion protection of car bodies is usually made by cathodic dip priming (CDP). But up to now it was more or less impossible to measure such thin coatings non-destructively inside hardly accessible cavities like girders, stiffeners or cross beams. Now the FISCHER specialists for coating thickness measurement are introducing a new cavity probe which solves this problem.
The new probe V3FGA06H - especially designed for the automotive industry - has a curved slim shape and a small, flexible attached probe head. Thereby the probe fits through small openings in the car body to measure coating thickness at areas which were not accessible up to now. Due to the flexible probe head`s smart kinematics a precise placing and measurement is guaranteed, whether in “blind” mode or on beveled areas.
The new cavity probe V3FGA06H is compatible with the FMP-gauges from FISCHER. Along with the DUALSCOPE FMP100 it is best suited solution for a professional quality control.
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