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Joy Tenenberg :
‘Pin Rack’ Portable Storage Rack Saves Time, Space and Labor


Joy Tenenberg :
Keeping odd-shaped products organized and stored for shipping or assembly has posed a problem for many fabricators and assemblers in all kinds of industries. Now, using a unique Pin Rack portable stacking rack from Steel King (Stevens Point, WI) allows them to store items of all shapes on racks with adjustable pin-type inserts, thereby saving time, space and labor costs.

“In the past many companies had difficulty dealing with irregular shapes, such as circular or triangular shapes or flat stamped metal ‘blanks’ that would be stored prior to assembly,” says Garry Grzesiak, Steel King Director of Container Design and Sales. Grzesiak explains that the Pin Rack handles that need very efficiently via a design concept somewhat resembling a pegboard, except that the holes are in the bottom of the rack. The array of holes enables the user to insert a number of 12-inch pins in a configuration that best conforms to the shapes being stored.

“This permits users to consolidate inventories better, resulting in more efficient storage and less waste of time and money in retrieving inventory,” he says. “The racks are part of Steel King’s popular Stac King portable rack system, and may be stacked up to 10 high to maximize storage efficiency.”

Grzesiak adds that the Pin Rack’s flexible design has encouraged some to use it in innovative ways to help organize assembly processes. For example, a gasket manufacturer places the pin rack at a 30-degree angle on the floor, and arranges the drop-in pins in such a manner that the rack will hold a variety of different gasket shapes and sizes. When assembly of gasket kits or sets is required, the process is simplified, saving time and improving accuracy. For example, a rack may be loaded with all the different gaskets required for an engine, then sent to a packaging station where one of each is placed on a board and sealed in place to sell as a complete kit.

The Pin Rack may also be used as an assembly rack for staging a variety of components required to complete one assembly. For instance, quantities of component panels of products such as cabinets or toolboxes – sides, top bottom, doors, etc. – can be grouped for high-efficiency final assembly.

While the Pin Rack is especially appropriate for storing flat, stackable items such as gears or metal forms, finished goods or components that are not flat may in some cases be stored more efficiently with this system.

The Pin Rack can be integrated with the relatively standard Stac King portable rack. The Pin Rack features a double-level, perforated sheet metal deck. The perforations accept drop-in steel pins that allow the user to customize each rack to accommodate the shapes needed, storing up to 4,000 lbs. on each rack.

Both the Pin Rack and Stac King portable rack system designs eliminate the need to purchase, lease, repair, or dispose of traditional wood pallets. The tubular steel base of both rack designs acts as its own pallet. This eliminates the costs and disposal headaches associated with wood pallets. The Pin Racks stackablility and the Stac King rack´s vertical posts allow the racks to be stacked several units high, without load-on-load contact. Compared to simple wood pallets, this can prevent product-crushing damage. Also, more overhead space can be used, more safely, and with less product damage.

For more information, contact Steel King Industries, Inc., 2700 Chamber Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481; Phone: (800) 826-0203; Fax: 972-660-4387; E-mail:; Visit the web site:

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