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Ken Rieli :
WorldKar - Meeting the design needs for two worlds.


Ken Rieli :
Ed - Your views in your recent editorial "Need to design for two worlds" are right on. Of course, the fact that you live in a developing country gives you a unique view of the real world outside of the "Disneyland" experience of the western developed nations. Having traveled and lived in both developed & developing countries personally, I understand completely what you are talking about.

The ideal vehicle you describe in your article already exists - in design, that is. It is called "WorldKar". It started out as a lunar rover project in 1963, and has gone through many iterations over the past 48 years.

The problem is not with design & development companies like mine - but rather in the global auto industry that has a very myopic view of marketing. As you said in your article, there is a very large market for a true ATV/commuter hybrid personal vehicle, but with CEO´s trying to get the best bottom line activity from over-priced electrics and hybrids in a saturated western market, don´t expect them to move on this great opportunity. Rather, look to new, small, forward-looking companies like WorldKar!

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