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Ken & Pam Rieli :
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Ken & Pam Rieli :
Based on our 15+ years of turbine engine development, we now have a low-cost, turbine-powered range extending technology that is key to increasing electric vehicle sales:

· Dramatically extends the range of battery electric cars
· Delivers the highest reliability
· Drops into any electric automobile
· Hyper-efficient turbine engine lasts forever!

With China planning to build 10 million electric vehicle parking spots by 2020, automakers are stepping up efforts to partner with Chinese industry in supplying this growing market with the best EV’s. - WorldKar Corporation has developed the range-extending technology that will boost sales of both battery electric & range-extended hybrid cars.

To view a fresh perspective on building new global industry, download our PDF slideshow, “A New Strategy for Electric Auto Sales: Drop-in range-extending package for global auto industry”, at

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