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Kimberly Fabiano :
Diamonds are a Dad’s Best Friend!
Revolutionary scratch repair kit (made with diamond powder!) provides professional auto detailing results at home.


Kimberly Fabiano :
Father’s Day is just a month away and half the nation is on the hunt for the perfect gift for the perfect Dad. Instead of the traditional tie, cufflinks or iTunes gift card, this year gift him something that shows you care about the one thing he loves almost as much as his family: his car. That’s why ScratchPro is turning the phrase ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ into ‘Diamonds are a Dad’s best friend’. Well... diamond powder, that is.

ScratchPro is a revolutionary buffing compound, made with diamond powder, designed to quickly and easily remove imperfections in automotive paint finishes, headlamp covers and metal trims. While there are similar hand-polishing products on the market, ScratchPro is the only do-it-yourself scratch removal system that uses diamond powder in their buffing paste — the key ingredient to the professional-grade repair typical of body shop polishing machines. The simple 3-step process ensures that any Dad, from auto enthusiast to layperson, will find scratch repair and general detailing foolproof.

Thinking that this stuff, peppered with sparkling diamonds, is going to break the bank? Not so. Dad’s Day shoppers can pick up ScratchPro on the company’s website, or for just $29.99, and orders placed by June 13th will arrive in time to wrap!

If you’re looking for a catch, you won’t find one here. The makers of ScratchPro are so sure that Dad will be thrilled with this gift, they even offer a money back guarantee for any user that isn’t completely satisfied.

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