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Shell has supplied the fuels and lubricants for Daimler’s 10,000km ‘Record Run 2011’ to test the fuel efficiency of its newest truck series. The Mercedes-Benz Actros Euro V and Actros Euro VI demonstrated their improved fuel consumption versus the current Actros MP3 Euro V (which set the fuel consumption world record for 40 tonne trucks in 2008 ). All three trucks were powered by Shell FuelSave Diesel and fitted with Shell Rimula R6 LME heavy duty engine oil.

Driving in normal traffic conditions on a regular service route between Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Szczecin (Poland) and returning to Rotterdam, the Actros Euro V and Euro VI achieved fuel savings of 7.6% and 4.5% respectively versus the Actros MP3. In absolute figures that equals an average fuel consumption of 25,1l/100km for the new Actros Euro V and 25,9l/100km for the new Actros Euro VI (Actros MP3: 27,1l/100km). The test was overseen by DEKRA, the German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association.

“This fantastic achievement underlines how effective our relationship with Daimler has become in terms of the delivery of world class fuel efficiency for freight transport vehicles.” said Colin Abraham, Shell’s Vice President for Lubricants and Commercial Fuels Marketing.

“Our collaboration with Daimler allows us to co-engineer smart lubricants alongside the latest state-of-the-art engine technology to help maximise the fuel efficiency that can be achieved from the next generation of trucks. This embodies Shell’s Smarter Mobility initiative. With transport accounting for nearly one quarter of global CO2 emissions, it is essential that we continue to work collaboratively to ensure the delivery of long-term, energy-efficient transport solutions.”

Shell’s Smarter Mobility initiative aims to combine the development of smarter transport-related products with the smarter use of these products and the promotion of smarter infrastructure in which to operate. For example, our fuel economy formula products are available in more than 21 countries.

With the number of vehicles on the road set to rise significantly over the next decade, this approach to future transport is intended to provide customers with the tools to ‘use less and emit less’, as well as encourage governments, businesses and consumers to look at collaborative solutions to the transport challenges of the future.

Shell FuelSave Diesel saves up to 3% fuel by maintaining a vehicle’s operating efficiency over the long term. Its proprietary formulation contains a powerful detergent designed to keep engines’ fuel systems clean, thereby helping to maintain optimum fuel atomisation, efficient combustion, power and fuel economy. It also provides corrosion protection, improves de-hazing and reduces the natural foaming tendencies of diesel.

Shell Rimula R6 LME – a fully synthetic lubricant developed in collaboration with Daimler, uses a unique technology that adapts chemically and physically to meet the changing needs of heavy duty engines throughout their use. It provides the right level of engine protection and contributes to efficient transport operations by helping to reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

“The Record Run 2011 with our new Actros Euro V and Euro VI trucks has set a new standard in fuel efficiency for road transport,” said Dr Moeller, Head of Vehicle Testing at Daimler.

“A determining factor in the success of the test run was the fuelling logistics which enabled us to stay within our daily schedule. Shell not only established the ideal framework for rapid and efficient refuelling at the start- and end-point at their Portland Retail site in Rotterdam, but also supported daily refuelling at Peine (Hannover) with a modern fuel tank car. We would like to thank Shell for their professional support and great flexibility during the preparation and implementation of the event.”

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