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Morgan Thermal Ceramics is an innovative leader in thermal insulation products committed to reducing energy consumption and emissions. The company has been selected as the recipient of the 3M Supplier Quality and Service Excellence Award.


Danielle Huggins :
Award reflects company’s role as strategic supplier to automotive division
Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces that it recently received the 3M Supplier Quality and Service Excellence Award for 2010. Morgan Thermal Ceramics manufactures and supplies 3M customers with vacuum-formed fiber shapes for automotive emission control devices that are installed on most new vehicles built in North America.
3M recently presented the award to John Stang, Vice President General Manager of Morgan Thermal Ceramics NA at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
“We are pleased to be selected for this significant honor and take pride in being viewed as one of 3M’s strategic suppliers,” said Mr. Stang. “This achievement is truly an outstanding example of the dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction that Morgan Thermal Ceramics strives to exhibit as part of its culture.”
3M’s suppliers are rated in accordance with its Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery and Cost (TQRDC) system, a quarterly review focused on driving continuous improvement. Morgan Thermal Ceramics personnel received especially high grades in manufacturing, materials control, customer service and account management categories.
“Over the last decade, we have grown our business with 3M more than tenfold, making 3M one of our largest customers,” said Jeff Hegarty, Morgan Thermal Ceramics Product Manager for converted fibers. “Morgan Thermal now stands as one of 3M Automotive Division’s largest vendors. We have achieved this by continually increasing the number of value added processes and products to meet 3M’s demanding applications in automotive emission control devices.”

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About Thermal Ceramics
Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced heat insulation products which are used to help reduce energy consumption in a range of industrial processes, from iron and steel production to power generation, and specialized structural fire protection. Key products include Superwool®, the leading low bio-persistent insulating fiber, insulating firebricks (IFBs) and a range of monolithic materials. The business employs some 3,000 people in more than 50 locations worldwide, with manufacturing sites in 25 countries.
Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a business within the Morgan Ceramics Division of The Morgan Crucible Company plc. Morgan Crucible is an advanced materials company that provides technically complex, bespoke solutions to its customers, enabling them to address global trends such as energy demand, healthcare and environmental sustainability. It has a world leading position in its target niche markets within sectors that include power generation, petrochemical, medical, aerospace and defense. Morgan Crucible has operations in more than 50 countries, including a significant and fast growing presence in the dynamic growth economies of the world such as China, India and Brazil. Its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and it is a member of the FTSE 250 index. Further information is available at

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