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Danielle Waller :
Lexington car dealer Don Jacobs pioneers war on texting while driving


Danielle Waller :
Local car dealer Don Jacobs is sending its own message to Lexingtonians who insist on text messaging while driving by donating a fully-customized 2012 Volkswagen Beetle to the Lexington Police Department to help bolster their efforts in eliminating distracted driving.

The dangers of drinking and driving are well known, but texting while behind the wheel is quickly becoming just as dangerous. In 2009, according to, more than 200 fatalities on Kentucky roads were blamed on distracted driving, which is nearly as high as the 249 drunk-driving fatalities that same year, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The American Automobile Association also notes that looking away from the road for even two seconds can double your chance of having a crash. Finally, the state of Kentucky took action to change the driving habits of Kentuckians. Kentucky HB 415, passed in April of 2010, prohibits texting while driving. It also prohibits teens from using any function of their cell phones (including making calls) while behind the wheel.

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Edition that Don Jacobs is donating to the police department has been modified to meet all law enforcement vehicle standards, and is completely equipped for a police officer to drive and issue citations. The car is black and white and is fully wrapped by Ad Color with the “Don’t Text & Drive” message. It will join the Lexington Police Department’s official fleet in January 2012.

“We’ve continued our 40th anniversary celebration by launching the ‘Don’t Text and Drive!’ campaign, and we’re really excited to close out 2011 with the donation of this vehicle to the Lexington Division of Police,” said Don Jacobs, owner of Don Jacobs Honda/BMW/VW/Used Cars. “We fully support the legislation passed last year that prohibits texting while behind the wheel. We hope the donation will not only help police officers enforce the laws, but that it will also serve as a moving reminder of the dangers of distracted driving for years to come.”

While the Beetle has been modified to be a fully-functioning police car, Jacobs added a few "extras" to draw attention to it. A blue LED light kit illuminates the ground around the car on all four sides, the door handles and the grill. The police department added strobe lights, a light bar on top of the car, a siren and a speaker system that enables an officer to make announcements from inside.
“Distracted driving has become an epidemic in Kentucky, and Lexington PD is cracking down hard on drivers who use their phones illegally while behind the wheel,” said Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin. “We’re extremely grateful for this donation from Don Jacobs and look forward to adding the Beetle to our fleet in 2012.”

In addition to the vehicle donation, Jacobs has forged a ‘Commit to Quit’ partnership with Clear Channel Radio as part of the ‘Don’t Text and Drive!’ campaign. The ‘Commit to Quit’ project, which started in late summer, encourages drivers to sign an online pledge promising not to text while behind the wheel. The dealership is also distributing thousands of ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ bumper decals from the showroom, and has already placed billboards with LAMAR Advertising throughout the city.

About the Don Jacobs Organization
The Don Jacobs Organization is a family-owned car dealership, proudly serving Central Kentucky since 1971. Don Jacobs Honda, Don Jacobs BMW, Don Jacobs Volkswagen, Don Jacobs Used Cars and Don Jacobs Paint and Body Shop make up the Don Jacobs family. The Don Jacobs Organization prides itself on quality vehicles, an experienced staff and exceptional customer service. Don Jacobs Honda/BMW/VW/Used Cars is located at the corner of New Circle Road and Nicholasville Road in Lexington, KY. Don Jacobs Used Cars is located at 131 West New Circle Road in Lexington, KY. For more information on the Don Jacobs Organization, visit

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