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Heather Flower :
Joe Verde introduces a new course, “Can I Really Make $100,000+ Per Year Selling Cars,” for his automotive online sales training network - JVTN®.


Heather Flower :
Automotive Salespeople Train To Earn Six Figures
In Newest JVTN® Course From Joe Verde

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – February 24, 2012 – Joe Verde aims to help automobile salespeople earn $100,000 plus by becoming professionals in sales. Joe Verde’s new course introduced on JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, explains the income potential in auto sales and their hottest income opportunities to become high achievers in sales.

The new online course available to JVTN® subscribers, “Can I Really Make $100,000+ Every Year Selling Cars?” features eight interactive chapters, with additional bonus chapters of trainer discussions on key points, a management guide for both group and individual training, and course workbook. The course shows salespeople the possibilities and potential of earning a six-figure income every year by improving their skills and focusing on just five key areas in sales.

“Salespeople in this industry have tremendous income potential, but most just aren’t aware of how easy it really is to improve their sales and incomes, and their customer satisfaction at the same time,” said Joe Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc.

Verde, a prominent figure in the industry, has developed high achievers in automotive sales since 1985 with his training process. Throughout 2012 and 2013, his company will regularly introduce new online courses for JVTN® on critical topics to assist dealership managers in developing salespeople who can sell more units in the changing economy.

“From the very first chapter in this course, salespeople will quickly realize where and how they can improve their unit sales and incomes,” Verde added. “Whether they started yesterday or have been in automobile sales for 20 years, understanding their customers and these critical skills and work habits will determine the final outcome of their paychecks in today’s market. If any salesperson has the desire to grow and improve their income, this course will definitely show them how.”

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs online or to request a free demonstration, visit or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at

About Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. |

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., founded in 1985 with corporate offices in Southern California and Dallas, Texas, is consistently rated the number one automotive sales and management training company in North America for producing immediate and long-lasting results for its customers.

Joe Verde holds workshops across North America and pioneered Virtual Training with JVTN®. He is the author of “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year” and “How To Sell A Car And Close The Sale Today.”

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