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Clare Homer :
BTC and Ford Partnership Grows from Strength to Strength

Ford Agrees to Pilot autoVHC and Ford Retail Expands BTC’s Training Programme


Clare Homer :
The relationship between BTC, the automotive training and consultancy firm, and Ford is growing from strength to strength thanks to a number of new projects agreed by the retail dealer group. It will see both Ford and Ford Retail sites now benefiting from BTC’s services.

Following the success of the autoVHC pilots in 17 marketplaces across mainland Europe, Ford in Russia has agreed to trial BTC’s fully computerised vehicle health check system to assist its aftersales teams in automating the follow up process. autoVHC will provide a solution to one of the biggest performance shortfall areas the automotive aftersales market faces today.

“autoVHC has become an essential tool for many dealerships across the country,” said Guy Allman, CEO at BTC. “It eliminates the need for a paper-based system, ensuring shortcuts and opportunity leaks are no longer possible. Our vehicle health check system identifies red work and, most importantly, amber work to allow dealerships to issue alerts when work is due and therefore generate more sales opportunities to boost profits.”

Furthermore, Ford Retail has agreed to implement BTC’s training programme to eight dealerships where a performance improvement opportunity has presented its self. The dealerships selected by Ford Retail are based on the number of average red work sold and completion ratio of the electronic vehicle health check system. BTC’s training teams will work with Ford Retail to improve the sales management process in the business through a blend of classroom teaching and on-site consultancy.

This strategy has already proved to be a success in Ford Retail. In the lower quartile dealers for January-June 2012, there has been a 7 per cent improvement in health check penetration and a 50 per cent improvement in values sold per vehicle health check.

Guy added: “Nothing bleeds profits faster that missed service sales opportunities with customers who already trust their dealership. Worryingly, many service professionals who believe in great customer service are missing genuine opportunities to sell more work to receptive customers. The lessons learned from our training programmes will drive more business to the service department and set the dealership apart from its competitors, reassuring its customers are in the best place.”

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