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MESSRING Partners with Atlas/KHS – Close Collaboration in the Field of Lighting Technology


Enno Hennrichs :
Trendsetting M=LIGHT LED floodlight technology from MESSRING combined with project planning and system solution expertise from Atlas/KHS | Synergistic effects and dovetailing of crash-facility construction and illumination know-how

Munich/Germany, July 10, 2013 – MESSRING Systembau GmbH and KHS Technical Lighting, an Atlas MTT GmbH company (part of AMETEK), have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement in the field of lighting technology for automotive test facilities. The goal of this partnership between the two renowned companies is to offer existing and new customers comprehensive lighting and system-solution expertise from one source, along with guaranteeing perfect worldwide service.

Having completed over 90 different projects, MESSRING brings more than 40 years of experience in designing and developing crash-test facilities, components, and data-acquisition systems to the partnership. Since the introduction of MESSRING LED floodlight in the fall of 2012, the Bavarian company is establishing itself in the field of lighting for crash-test scenarios. KHS, an Atlas MTT GmbH company, has over 35 years of experience in custom designing and custom manufacturing high-speed lighting systems, with a focus on hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lighting technology.

Innovative, accurate lighting equipment plays a key role in the precision, recording, and reproducibility of crash-test scenarios, particularly when it comes to meeting stringent international testing regulations. The partnership between MESSRING and Atlas/KHS does justice to the increasing importance of highly efficient lighting concepts that are tailored to the demands of the latest active and passive safety testing scenarios. Whether classic proven HMI lighting or the latest LED technology, the concepts and system solutions will be perfectly tailored to customers’ individual spatial conditions, testing requirements, and budgets. This will be the case regardless of whether the customer is an automotive supplier or government agency or whether the project is a large-scale new facility in São Paulo or a small upgrade in Shanghai.

Both manufacturers expect substantial synergistic effects in many areas as a result of the partnership. MESSRING provides its customers with state-of-the-art LED technology that is already considered by many to be a trendsetting solution in lighting technology for recording high-speed images. Combined with Atlas/KHS’s many years of project experience and system-solution expertise, both companies form a formidable force in the automotive lighting industry. The LED technology allows Atlas/KHS to expand its classic range of products to include an important new solution and in addition, MESSRING is the reliable partner for the entire spectrum of crash-test facilities, components, data-acquisition systems, and control technology.

Within the scope of their collaboration, both companies will continue to concentrate on their respective core areas of business and will support one another in carrying out specific projects – depending on whether there is a need for LED floodlight technology or HMI lighting concepts, the design and installation of new systems, crane solutions and frame designs, or professional crash-test-facility expertise. The advantages for the customer are obvious: they benefit from the highest-possible level of quality and the long-term experience of two established suppliers whose respective expertise in the development of custom-designed system solutions fits together perfectly.

“We are extremely pleased about this new partnership agreement. It fully meets the needs of our existing customers, and it will surely attract new joint customers,” emphasizes Martin Welling, division vice president at Atlas/KHS. “The close collaboration between Atlas/KHS and MESSRING opens up new, exciting sales channels for both sides – especially through the joint use of our excellent international sales networks.”

“Experience and customized solutions are absolutely critical in our industry. The good thing about this new partnership is that both companies can continue to focus entirely on their core expertise, yet when a project demands it, can also transfer specific parts of the project to a reliable partner,” states Dierk Arp, CEO at MESSRING, about the collaboration with Atlas/KHS. “This isn’t only the most beneficial and economically advantageous setup for Atlas/KHS and MESSRING, but also for each of our customers.”

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