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Scott Phillips :
SwervePay Enables Auto Service Departments to Extract Overlooked Value from Payment Transactions


Scott Phillips :
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SwervePay Enables Auto Service Departments to Extract Overlooked Value
from Payment Transactions

Lombard, Ill. November 18, 2013 -- As auto dealers search for new ways to strengthen customer relationships, reduce operating costs and increase profitability of their service departments, SwervePay LLC has introduced an effective solution to these challenges through an unexpected channel -- the payment transaction process.

Released earlier this year, SwervePay Auto is a cloud-based solution that enables auto dealers to leverage their payment data to more effectively deliver "concierge service" to their customers, while reducing operating costs, increasing revenue opportunities and better securing the payment transaction process.

With the SwervePay Auto system, each initial transaction automatically creates a customer profile. This profile contains all pertinent customer data in a tokenized, PCI certified format and simplifies all future interaction from mobile communication to payments and payment approvals.

If the technician discovers that the vehicle requires additional repairs during the service process, the service advisor can use SwervePay Auto to instantly communicate with the customer using the customer profile. The SwervePay system automatically sends a text and/or email message to the customer with a quote for the additional work and request for authorization to complete the work. The customer can simply reply to the message, eliminating costly "phone tag" delays, securing additional business for the dealer, moving the car through the repair bay more efficiently, and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Once the repair is finalized, the service advisor can communicate the final amount of the repair order to the customer, who can instantly authorize payment via the payment data securely stored within the customer profile. . The vehicle pick up process is also streamlined with SwervePay Auto. Rather than having to check in with the service advisor then wait in line to check out with a cashier, the customer can simply pick up the keys and get on with their day.

"The transaction process has been overlooked as a tremendous opportunity to address real-world business challenges for auto dealers," said Brad Bialas, CEO of SwervePay. "Dealers are using our cloud-based solution to move more cars through the service process in less time, increase parts sales, decrease overtime costs, repurpose cashier personnel, build better customer relationships and increase the long-term profitability of their service departments."

Mr. Bialas emphasized that SwervePay also reduces the considerable risks and costs associated with PCI non-compliance.

"SwervePay enables auto dealers to keep credit card information in a usable but not viewable status," he said. "This means dealers can maintain PCI compliance and avoid potential fines, legal fees and loss of business that can stem from maintaining credit card information within their systems in ways that conflict with PCI guidelines."

SwervePay also can integrate with auto dealers’ existing systems through leading edge application programming interfaces (API) to further increase the value proposition.

About SwervePay
SwervePay is a customer-centric technology company that transforms payment data into improved customer relationships and business profitability. SwervePay´s cloud-based software enables companies to use their payment transaction data to reduce operating costs, increase revenues and deliver superior customer service, while securing the payment transaction process. Additional information is available at or by calling 877-482-5815.

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